[Halld-offline] New branches in HDDS

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Sat Apr 13 14:16:46 EDT 2019


Recently Richard added new branches to the HDDS repository to house 
PrimeX-related geometry files. I have added some text from him to the 
README.md for the repository. Find the README.md at


Find the text reproduced below and at the bottom of the top-level 
repository page at GitHub


   -- Mark


Note added April, 13, 2019

We have introduced two new branches named PrimEx_He_target_spring_2019 
and PrimEx_Be_target_spring_2019 for these two target configurations. 
The names of the geometry xml files remain the standard ones in these 
branches, which allows an unambiguous correspondence to the tables in 
ccdb. Sasha is working on making two more new branches (empty Be target, 
removed target without cell present; and empty He target, drained with 
cell present) which I will name PrimEx_He_empty_spring_2019 and 
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