[Halld-offline] Reconstruction Launch: 2018-01 ver00

Alexander Austregesilo aaustreg at jlab.org
Wed Jan 16 09:26:34 EST 2019

Dear Collaborators,

For comparison with the data recorded in 2017-01, we reproduced the set 
of 35 runs of the 2018-01 data again with the older version of the 
reconstruction software (ver00). In particular, we used the halld_recon 
branch 'recon-2017_01-ver03_2018patches'.

As a next step, we will run an analysis launch with the channels used 
during the workfest over both ver00 and ver01. The list of channels can 
be found here:


The REST files (6,118 files, 24TB) are can be found on the cache disk:


For realistic background in simulations, we extracted the random 
triggers and converted the signals to hddm:

The histograms and efficiency trees can be found here:

A subfolder with merged histograms and trees is included in each folder.

The results are also visible on the usual monitoring web-pages:


Best regards,

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