[Halld-offline] latest updates to ccdb GEOMETRY

Richard Jones richard.t.jones at uconn.edu
Wed Jan 23 18:09:54 EST 2019

Hello all,

As promised, I have now updated the GEOMETRY tables (hdds records) in ccdb
to apply the following changes, going back no further than run 30000:

   1. eliminate overlaps (touches nearly all subsystems, no big changes)
   2. add shielding in front of the forward TOF
   3. introduce the DIRC into the geometry as of run 60000

The above changes were applied to the "default" variation. I also added the
DIRC and the latest geometry fixes to the mc_generic geometry, in case
anyone uses that. To get the DIRC, just use a run number greater than
60,000 in hdgeant4 and you will see DIRC hits in the output.

-Richard Jones
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