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from Bryan Hess, FYI

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Subject: 	CentOS 7.7 update and post-Thanksgiving plans
Date: 	Wed, 27 Nov 2019 09:10:12 -0500
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A quick pre-Thanksgiving update:

I'm hopeful that the CentOS 7.7 farm nodes are working out in testing. 
There were some shell environment problems that Nathan found and worked 
with us on. That issue has been resolved. The 7.7 nodes represent a 
relatively small number of job slots, but that's about to change:

The new AMD farm nodes were delivered to shipping. As soon as they are 
brought over to CEBAF Center we will work on getting them in service. 
They will be CentOS 7.7 and will represent a big chunk of the compute in 
the farm.

The remainder of the farm (except for qcd12s) will follow on to CentOS 
7.7 after that unless there are problems.

On a separate topic, we finally got the computer room power work 
completed that we needed to add more Lustre space, so that can now proceed.

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