[Halld-offline] New release of gluex_install, version 2.10

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Wed Sep 4 14:25:50 EDT 2019


This version fixes a bug in the "gxenv" command that ships with a 
gluex_install'ed build of our software stack. You should be able to 
provide an optional argument:

   gxenv my_version_set.xml

to set up your environment with a version set file of your choice. This 
was broken; you always got the default version set.

The new release if gluex_install 2.10 and you can find the release notes 
here <https://github.com/JeffersonLab/gluex_install/releases/tag/2.10>.

If you already have an installation of gluex software created with 
gluex_install, you can fix your installation as follows:

1. Get a fresh version of gluex_install. A tar file is linked to the 
release notes or you can checkout the latest master.

2. Assuming you have your fresh version in the directory 
/path/to/gluex_install, execute the following command:

   /path/to/gluex_install/create_setup_scripts.sh /path/to/gluex_top

where /path/to/gluex_top is the absolute path to the location of your 
software installation.

I will try to put these instructions in the next version of the 
build_scripts document. Let me know if you have questions.

Thanks to Edmundo and Ashley at FSU for pointing out the problem and 
helping me test the solution.

   -- Mark

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