[Halld-offline] MCwrapper Schoolly D Release

Thomas Britton tbritton at jlab.org
Fri Apr 3 06:30:10 EDT 2020

This release has been a long time coming...but it is finally here.  Besides the standard bug fixes and typos this release has some pretty big additions:

0.  I think things are in a stable state as far as the CCDB saga goes.  We'll continue to monitor the situation and tweak as needed

1. better logging.  This logging can help diagnose where software might be stalling out.  As a reminded, if users are running into problems running MCwrapper please send the full logs (std out/err), your MC.confg, and the location of any supporting files

2. centos77 is the new OS default for JLab running.  It can run under general too

3. After some discussions MCwrapper now works again at IU even with some peculiarities.  You can run in either cluster there now

5. dist has been moved to halld_versions

6. gxclean is called explicitly to squelch some spurious warnings from build_scripts when running with an ANA versionset in some cases

7. Five new generators: gen_omegapi, gen_compton_simple, gen_primex_eta_he4, gen_whizard

8. SLURM is in!  MCwrapper can run with SLURM natively.  This comes in two flavors: SLURM and SLURMcont

SLURM has only been tested here at JLab but functions exactly like other submission methods.  For most users changing SWIF->SLURM should just work.  If it doesn't please contact me and we'll polish it up.

SLURMcont also has only been tested here at JLab.  It functions exactly like other submission methods, with an asterisk.  SLURMcont will run on SLURM but using cvmfs and the same container that is run on the OSG.  This means your home institution needs to have cvmfs and the ability to run singularity.

The hope is that these methods are completely transparent to the user.  They are both in the nascent stage and have not been subjected to rigorous testing, so please, if problems arise please bring them to the attention of myself. We'll exploit features as needed

Thomas Britton
Staff Scientist, Scientific Computing
Jefferson Lab

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