[Halld-offline] New version set: version_4.24.0.xml

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Wed Aug 5 14:37:26 EDT 2020


A new version set, version_4.24.0.xml 
<https://halldweb.jlab.org/halld_versions/version_4.24.0.xml> is ready 
to go. It has updates to the following packages:

hdds 4.10.0 <https://github.com/JeffersonLab/hdds/releases/tag/4.10.0>

  * Update release.
  * Builds on a Python-3-default system
  * Differences from 4.9.0

halld_recon 4.19.0 

  * Update release.
  * Writing of CCAL to hddm from @somovalex <https://github.com/somovalex>
  * Allow building on a Python-3-default system from @markito3
  * This release was tagged from the revert_fcal_pull_request branch to
    avoid problematic issues with the current master.
  * Differences from 4.18.1

halld_sim 4.20.0 

  * Update release
  * Exclude bad FCAL channels for PrimEx runs, from @somovalex
    <https://github.com/somovalex> .
  * Mods to build under Python 3, from @markito3
    <https://github.com/markito3> .
  * Addition of omegapi_amplitude, from @amfodajlab
    <https://github.com/amfodajlab> .
  * Differences from 4.19.0

hdgeant4 2.16.0 

  * Update release
  * Changes to patches to Geant4 for particle propagation in magnetic
    fields, from @rjones30 <https://github.com/rjones30> .
  * Changes to photon beam generation, including new importance sampling
    scheme, from @rjones30 <https://github.com/rjones30> .
  * Added ability to build against Python 3, from @markito3
    <https://github.com/markito3> .
  * Differences from 2.15.0

This version set will become the default at JLab at midnight tonight.

   -- Mark

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