[Halld-offline] default CCDB server on farm is now the MySQL server on hallddb-farm.jlab.org

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Mon Jan 27 16:26:21 EST 2020


For those of you honoring the choice of CCDB database server made by 
build_scripts, the default, on the farm, has gone back to MySQL served 
from hallddb-farm.jlab.org. Recall for the last couple of weeks we were 
using a set of identical SQLite files on the work disk.

We have changed the underlying database engine for the CCDB on the MySQL 
servers from MyISAM to InnoDB as of this morning. There is some hope 
that performance under heavy load will be better with this change. We 
need to see these heavy load conditions to test the hypothesis. So we 
made the switch.

We will have to monitor performance closely over the next few days. Let 
me know if you see any slow-downs in job start-up on the farm.

   -- Mark

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