[Halld-offline] Monitoring Launch 2019-11 ver12 batch01

Alexander Austregesilo aaustreg at jlab.org
Tue May 5 12:49:31 EDT 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We just completed the first batch of the next round of monitoring 
launches for the Spring 2020 data set. We used the halld_recon tag 
'offmon-2019_11-ver12', which includes the new reverse-Kalman pass in 
the track reconstruction. In addition to the first 5 files of each run 
in the range 71350 - 71591, we also included the last 5 files to better 
study the frequency, used to translate the clock time into unix time. 
For these, please check the merged syncskim trees.

The usual monitoring plots can be found on the web pages:


The merged histogram files can be found on the work disk at:

The REST files, random trigger skims and several trees are saved on cache:

Best regards,


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