[Halld-offline] move to new work disk

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Mon Aug 16 09:05:32 EDT 2021


Tomorrow (Tuesday, August 17) during the all-day maintenance period, the 
Computer Center will be transitioning us to a new work disk file server. 
We will lose access to /work/halld and /work/halld3 for a few hours 
while the switch is in progress. The new system should be somewhere in 
the neighborhood of 500 TB, up from our current total of 250 TB.

All references to /work/halld, /work/halld3, and the historical 
/work/hall2 (the logical names) should continue to work. Note that 
hardware-wise they will all be on a single raid partition. If you have 
references to the name of the physical file server, e.g., 
/w/halld-scifs17exp, those will be permanently broken.

If there are question or comments, please send them along.

   -- Mark

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