[Halld-offline] Stale web info from halldweb.jlab.org, solved

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Wed Aug 25 12:16:05 EDT 2021


There has been a problem since last week's work disk switch with 
halldweb.jlab.org serving stale files. The work disk mounts on halldweb 
were never re-done after the switch and since halldweb does serve some 
files resident on the work disk, those files and directories appeared 
frozen at a time just before the switch. Affected areas include the 
monitoring data and the report files from pull-request tests.

The problem has been resolved as of this morning. Thanks to Alex A. for 
pointing out the problem and to the Computer Center Crew for refreshing 
those mounts (it is a non-standard mount scheme on halldweb).

   -- Mark

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