[Halld-offline] /work/halld3: transition to new server on Thursday morning

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Tue Aug 31 11:41:28 EDT 2021


Recall that during the transition of /work/halld to a new server a 
couple of weeks ago, /work/halld3 was left alone. SciComp is now ready 
to move /work/halld3 to a subdirectory of /work/halld3. Links will be 
installed so that the path /work/halld3 will continue to find the same 
files as it did in the past, but the physical location of those files 
will have changed. And any path starting with /w/halld-sciwork18, which 
does work now, will not work after the transition (it may resolve to a 
read-only file system at first before disappearing permanently).

*The cut-over will happen between 9 am and 10 am (approximately) 
Thursday, September 2 (day after tomorrow)*. During this time the files 
on /work/halld3 will be unavailable.

One technical point: the majority of files have already been transferred 
to their new home. The outage is to transfer files that will have 
recently appeared on the old server to the new. At that point write 
access to the old server will be removed so that no more new files are 
created. To make this final transfer go faster, we want to minimize the 
volume of "new" files on the old server. So for the next couple of days, 
before the switch, please try to limit the volume of new files being 
written to /work/halld3. Said another way, please refrain from dumping 
multi-terabyte datasets to /work/halld3 until after the transition.

   -- Mark

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