[Halld-offline] New version set: 4.39.0

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Fri May 21 22:33:39 EDT 2021


There is a new version set with new tagged versions of several packages 
built and ready to go. The version set file is version_4.39.0.xml 

It contains the following new releases (links are to the release pages):

hdds 4.14.0 <https://github.com/JeffersonLab/hdds/releases/tag/4.14.0>

  * Update release.
  * Add FMWPC chamber gas
  * Fix hole through aluminum walls for beam and add wire-deadened
    regions in wire planes

halld_recon 4.27.0 

  * Update release
  * Add cppFMWPC plugin for monitoring MWPC; updated from Beni's plugin
  * Fix some warnings in a calibration plugin
  * Add script to plot output of FMWPC pluggin / move to plugin directory
  * Prevent crash in charged sigma antisigma channels in analysis library
  * Added default mass cuts for antisigmas and anticascades
  * Commented out error messages about inactive blocks in FCAL geometry

halld_sim 4.31.0 

  * Update release
  * Switch between equally spaced and exponential bins in t, clean up
    other options in split_t program

hdgeant4 2.23.0 

  * Update release
  * Change wire pitch and wire offsets to 1.016*cm and 73*1.016*cm

hd_utilities 1.32 

  * Update release.

Note that the changes to hdds and hdgeant4 concern the upcoming CPP 
experiment. Because these changes do not affect data taken in previous 
years, a new set of recon-launch-compatible version sets will not be 
necessary. (If I am overlooking something here, please let me know.)

This version set will become the default at JLab tonight.

   -- Mark

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