[Halld-offline] pull-request-generated tests silent no more

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Tue Oct 26 21:29:05 EDT 2021


The last release of build scripts 
from last Wednesday brought in a bug. It was causing the 
pull-request-generated tests to fail silently. We discussed the problem 
at yesterday's software meeting. A temporary fix is in place now.

As I explained to Alex A. earlier today on Slack:

there was a bug in the latest version of build scripts, only when you 
call the "boot" script from inside another script where the parent 
script was itself called with command line arguments. which is exactly 
what the pull request system does. put in a band-aid for now.

The band-aid was applied to one of the pull request test scripts. A more 
robust fix will come in the days ahead.

   -- Mark
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