[Halld] Offline monitoring results, 2015-03 ver09

Sean Dobbs s-dobbs at northwestern.edu
Mon Jul 13 17:24:17 EDT 2015

Dear Collaborators,

The latest offline monitoring run was launched Friday, July 10, running
over only the Spring 2015 data.  The results are currently being processed
and are appearing on the offline monitoring webpages.  Expect the results
to appear on the web slowly - a database problem held up the process over
the weekend, and it is still running slow.

The REST files for the full run are all available, however, and can be
found at:

The current versions is RunPeriod-2015-03 ver09.  Among other improvements,
it includes updated FCAL gain calibrations and improved timing for many
subsystems, especially in the forward direction.

Please let us know if there are any questions, comments, or requests.

Sean,   for the offline monitoring group

Offline monitoring pages:


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