[Lerftest] revised Task Hazard Analysis worksheet

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Hi All, I am not sure I understand the reason for this THA or what hazards it is meant to address. Normally we write and ATLis to cover a specific task or the part of a project the group/person is responsible for. This is where the THA resides since the person doing the work is the most likely the one who understands the hazards associated with the work. 
The title implies this is for the operational of testing the LCLSII modules but the Task Steps/Potential Hazards are more in line with the swapping out of the modules. I would of thought the testing would be covered by either a Test Plan or an OSP. 

If the intent is that there be a THA for all work to be performed for preparing the LERF vault for LCLSII testing and the initial installation of the LCLSII modules, that is very different and with all due respect Kevin is not the person to do that. In order for that to happen we would need all the details and that does not exsist at this time. We are doing what we always do. One step at a time as information is available. 


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Jennifer, Todd, Mark and Dave, 

Please take a moment to review Kevin's THA for LCLS II work tasks and provide him feedback as soon as possible and no later than COB December 22nd, 2017. 

Thank you, 

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On 12/14/2017 11:18 AM, Kevin Jordan wrote: 

Hi All, 
I have revised the THA worksheet, please review, add, & markup as needed.

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