[Lerftest] move 15 SSAs to gallery

Neil Wilson wilsonn at jlab.org
Mon Jan 29 12:50:28 EST 2018

In the absence of any dissenting comments the crane is scheduled for Thurs morning. We will start moving the SSA to the parking area in front of the LERF building early that morning. We will not be removing the F-100 at this time. First lift will be to remove the Dark Light power supply, then move the 15 SSA into the RF gallery. We will not try to set them in there final resting spots until all are up & in the gallery 
Kevin. I will need 3 additional people, please send me there names. They will need to meet the INST crew prior to starting work so they can be briefed on there responsibilities, 4 would be better. 

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Subject: [Lerftest] move 15 SSAs to gallery 

We have 15 of 16 Solid State Amps (SSA) delivered from SLAC. The remaining one will be here in ~ 6 weeks along with isolators & couplers. 

Does anyone have an objection to Neil scheduling crane for next week to move them to the LERF gallery? He would also move the F100 CM to south access building. 

We would then schedule the crane when additional LLRF & cryo racks arrive (Feb/March) 

Have a nice weekend 
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