[Lerftest] LERF Schedule Updates

Kevin Jordan jordan at jlab.org
Wed Mar 6 16:29:26 EST 2019

Hi Folks,
Mike D will be updating LERF shift plan on a ‘daily’ basis to reflect LCLS-II commissioning activities, when there are electron beam operations Steve B will coordinate that with Mike and provide details for shift plan. This will then propagate to PD, to 8:00 AM meeting and most importantly to the crew chief.

Many of the activities for commissioning are covered by Mike’s OSP, those outside of scope still need ATList submission and approval. Steve is working on the injector commissioning plan now.

SLAC/Berkeley folks have made great progress in the last few days and will give Mike a ‘walk through’ of functionality at 10:30 Thursday. Mike will begin CM commissioning on Monday morning and have priority all next week.

It is crucial the crew chief News, in advance, of all activities that have even the slightest chance of impacting CEBAF operations.

I will be on travel today through March 15. I will have cell phone and email access

Best regards

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