[Lerftest] Draft Test plan for running to 1G dump

Kevin Jordan jordan at jlab.org
Fri Mar 29 20:02:50 EDT 2019

Thanks Steve!

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Subject: [Lerftest] Draft Test plan for running to 1G dump

I have attached a draft plan for the run to the 1G dump.  Since we can only run 14 MeV or so to that dump we will have to turn on the cavities one at a time after starting with the first two on (cavities 7 and 8).  You then turn off 7 and turn on  6 and phase each one using the 1G dump as a spectrometer.  I don’t think we will get to the centering and phasing in one shift but I included it there for completeness. This probably has several errors in it but look it over to see what is wrong or missing.
I will need some quad settings for the 1F line for a 13 MeV beam.

Stephen Benson
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