[local physicists] William & Mary PhysicsFest, Saturday October 26

Wouter Deconinck wdconinc at jlab.org
Tue Oct 22 11:35:44 EDT 2013

Dear science enthusiast,

Next week Saturday, on October 26, the William & Mary Physics
Department is organizing its yearly PhysicsFest open house.  The theme
of this year's PhysicsFest is "States of Matter". Liquid, solid, gas,
and even plasma: we will have it all!

Schedule of events:

* At 10am we start the day with poster presentations by our
undergraduate students. Come and see what the next generation
scientists and researchers are up to.

* From noon to 4pm the doors are open to our research labs with guided tours:
  Prof. Ale Lukaszew - Thin films and nanostructures
  Prof. Irinia Novikova - Quantum optics and atomic physics
  Prof. Gina Hoatson - Nuclear magnetic resonance and superconducting magnets
  and others...

* Starting at noon we open the observatory on the roof of Small Hall
for daylight astronomy (weather permitting).

* The schedule for the public science lectures is:
  12pm - Saving babies in a heartbeat (Prof. John Delos)
  1pm - Nobel lecture: Higgs bosons (Prof. Marc Sher)
  2pm - The Brown Recluse Spider's Nano-Ribbons of Strong Sticky Silk
(Prof. Hannes Schniepp)
  3pm - High-energy physics (Dr. Sarah Phillips)

* Alternating with the lectures we have interactive demonstrations
scheduled at 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, and 3:30pm.

* Throughout the day we will have a physics play room with hand-on
science for everyone.

* And, of course, there will be liquid nitrogen ice cream to cool down!

More details at http://www.physics.wm.edu/PhysicsFest,

As part of PhysicsFest we are organizing a physics photo competition,
open to everyone. Are you feeling artistic (or even didactic)? Why not
submit a photo of physics in action? You make a chance of winning one
of the cash prizes! For more details, see

Best regards,

PS: Please distribute this message to others who may be interested.
Wouter Deconinck
Assistant Professor of Physics
College of William & Mary
Office: Small Hall 343D
Phone: (757) 221-3539

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