[Moller_simulation] MOLLER sim teleconference today at 2:30pm

Juliette Mammei crowder at jlab.org
Tue Aug 23 09:26:37 EDT 2011

Hey guys,

Just a reminder that we have a MOLLER simulation teleconference at 
2:30pm this afternoon.  I have reserved B101 for those of us who are on 
site.  The teleconference information is as follows:

         US 866-740-1260
          International 303-248-0285

          Access Code: 8206694

An agenda has been posted at:


This meeting does not need to take long; the only thing on the agenda is 
brainstorming to get some short-term mods to the simulation to 
facilitate the simulation projects that I know (hope) people will be 
working on.  If anyone else has anything to present, please add an item 
to the agenda and possibly a link to your presentation.

This is the last bi-weekly meeting time that we had regularly 
scheduled.  Please let me know if this time-slot will work for you going 
into the semester; we would not have a meeting on September 6 because 
that is during PAVI.  So if this time-slot works, the next meeting would 
be September 20th.

Talk to you then,


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