[Moller_simulation] simulation teleconference times

Juliette Mammei crowder at jlab.org
Mon Sep 19 09:39:36 EDT 2011

Hey guys,

The results of the Doodle poll only had three days/times which had 6 
"yes" and only 1 "if-need-be".  The Qweak analysis meeting was moved to 
Monday at 10:30-12, so that eliminates one of them, and there are no 
rooms available for the Wednesday at 11am... and then the Qweak meeting 
on Thursday was moved to 3-5 pm, eliminating the Thursday 4pm time.

So, we can either have the teleconference on Wednesday at 11am with no 
room, or possibly Thursday from 1-3pm with a room available for our use 
(not in the original poll because of the Qweak meeting).  I have 
temporarily reserved the room for 1-3pm bi-weekly on Thursday, starting 
this week.  If this time presents a conflict for you, please let me know 
by the end of the day today so that I can go ahead and schedule the 
meeting for Wednesday at 11am and we will just not have a room for 
people here at the lab.

Thanks for your feedback,


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