[Moller_simulation] Simulation meeting this week

Juliette Mammei crowder at jlab.org
Tue Sep 20 13:59:33 EDT 2011

Hey guys,

For this week we will meet from 1-3pm on Thursday.  For those of us 
on-site I have reserved F228.  The call-in info is as follows:

     US 866-740-1260

     International 303-248-0285

     Access code: 8206694

There is a potential change in the Qweak physics meeting time in the 
works, but the new time has not been chosen.  If, for example, the time 
is moved back to the original time, then we could still meet on Thursday 
at 4pm, or Wednesday at 11am with no room.  There are some interferences 
with the 1-3 time slot, so we may decide to move to the Wednesday at 
11am anyway.

Talk to you later,


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