[PRad] few organizational things

gasparan at jlab.org gasparan at jlab.org
Thu May 5 09:49:45 EDT 2016

  Dear PRad students and postdocs,

 In one week (7 days left)  we expect to have electron beam on our target
and start this
 very ambitious and extremely important experiment.

 To make this happen we have to follow common steps that practically all
other successful
 experiments did before us.

 1) We have to be working from the counting house ALL THE TIME. Therefore
you have to
     occupy a cubical office available on the second floor of the Counting
     This will allow us to have more effective communications and tests of
the results.

     PLEASE do that from today.

 2) We have to start using computers in the Hall B counting room. Sergey
already identified
     terminals for our experiment. START using them and test your codes.

  These steps are necessary parts of our successful experiment.


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