[PRad] test of the equal. code

gasparan at jlab.org gasparan at jlab.org
Thu May 5 11:04:22 EDT 2016

  Hi Chao, Maxime and Li,

 As we discussed yesterday, let us try to test/demonstrate the HyCal gain
code from the Hall B counting room this afternoon (you suggest the time).

 We will try to mimic the LMS for this purpose, for what we need to do these:

 1) turn on the additional power supplies for HyCal;
 2) turn on HV for only a group (48 channels of a lead glass group);
 3) identify one channel to be equalized;
 4) read dynode signal through the "total sum" ADC and watch it through
the internet
     connected scope at counting room.
 5) change the gain of this channel by +/- 20 %

 This pedestal readout and subtraction needs to be implemented in this code.

 Let me know what time.


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