[PRad] [New Logentry] Y axis shift in calibration scan and Re-start from the 3rd row of Cyrstal modules

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Sun May 29 11:45:02 EDT 2016

Logentry Text:
I found the Y axis is shifted when I came in the morning, and I checked all the data we have taken in the OWL shift.
The problem is, some times the HyCal is not moving in Y axis, so we stay at the same row for some runs. The following is the map:

G means lead glass module, W means crystal module (lead tungstate)
We planned to scan 6 G rows in the top set of lead glass modules, and then go to W rows (crystal module)
G module size is 3.82 cm and W module size is 2.05 cm

Row planned                 Row seen in the data                     Estimation on Y shift (cm)
5th G                                    3rd G                                                    8
6th G                                    4th G                                                    8
1st W                                    4th G                                                   10
2nd W                                   5th G close to 4th G                            10
3rd W                                    5th G close to 6th G                            10
4th W                                    6th G, close to 5th G                            10
5th W                                    6th G                                                    12
6th W                                    6th G                                                     14
7th W                                    6th G, close to 1st W                             14
8th W                                    1st W, close to 6th G                             14
9th W                                    1st W                                                     16
10th W                                  2nd W                                                    16
11th W                                  3rd W                                                     16

It seems HyCal does not move in Y some times. Thus we missed the first 6 modules in 5th G and 6th G rows since the program thought it was scanning W rows.
Currently we don't know if it is the bug in moving program or there is some thing blocking HyCal (less likely).
Thus RC decided to re-start at 3rd W row and carefully monitor the scan for several rows.
We will scan the missing modules G121 - G126 and G151-G156 when we scan for the bottom left set of lead glass.


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