[PRad] [New Logentry] GEM Efficiency During HyCal Calibration

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Sun May 29 08:10:03 EDT 2016

Logentry Text:
Based on the the calculation (not fully finished yet, still ongoing...) from the data during May 28th OWL shift: 

Four Spots were scanned, In match with HyCal Module: G303, W274, W280, W293. 
Run Conditions:
Latency 0x5f, Scintillator trigger, 3 time sample, gas flow rate @30 units.

Efficiency for each spot is 95%, except G303, which is 91%. due to a lower high voltage: 4050.

When scanning other spots, high voltage was set to 4100. 

A High voltage scan on a same spot has also been done, results show that efficiency increase with voltage.

detailed information please see attachment.  


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