[PRad] abstract for the DNP meeting in October

Maxime Levillain mlevilla at jlab.org
Thu Jun 29 16:28:09 EDT 2017

Hi Weizhi, 

Some comments:
- there is a mispell of 'Preliminary' in the title
- I wouldn't use 'four-momentum transfer squared' region, just Q^2 region (but other people might find that more adequate)
- when you talk about 'the absolute e − p elastic scattering cross sections', you're talking about 1GeV and 2GeV. I would put this in the singular form, just to talk about the ep cross-section in general.
- there is no mention of the proton radius in the abstract, and if we do a first fit, it would be the main 'entertainment' of the talk


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Dear PRad Collaborators, 

I have prepared a draft abstract for the DNP meeting in October. Please have a look and let me know if you have any suggestion. Thank you very much. 


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