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Xuefei Yan xy33 at phy.duke.edu
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Prof. Gasparan,
This sentence reads odd to me: “A comprehensive fitting program has been developed to extract the proton radius from the measured data including different charge distributions and forms of electric form factor for the proton radius independent  extraction.”.

The essence of these programs is “A comprehensive fitting program has been developed to extract the proton radius from the measured data, with the ability to fit in a manner of model independent polynomial expansion with multiple parameters, and a manner using existing models for proton charge distribution which reduces the number of free parameters.”

Basically, using these programs, one can fit the GE vs. Q^2 from data with polynomials, in both model-independent (multiple parameters, larger fitting uncertainty for radius, as Ingo Sick proposed in his papers) and model-dependent way (only radius is a parameter, all higher moments are functions of it).

And probably you and other people can help to make this sentence conciser, and more impressive?

The cosmic rejection methods, based on cuts of # of clusters, etc. or the machine learning have been combined for the GEM-HyCal matching efficiency in the real data already, as Weizhi showed last Friday. 
 So I think the sentence “Different “cosmic event” rejection models/codes have been developed/adopted for the final simulations” should be “Different “cosmic event” rejection models/codes have been developed/adopted” (final words “for the final simulations” removed).

These are just my humble opinions, which could be wrong or naive.


> On Sep 27, 2017, at 9:43 PM, gasparan at jlab.org wrote:
>  Dear All,
> The draft text of the Volker's report is attached.
> Sorry for this short notice but, we need to send it to Volker
> sometime in Tomorrow, Thursday afternoon.
> Please send your comments by the noon.
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> Ashot
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