[Solid_software] Fwd: [Clas12_first_exp] CLAS12 Pre-Release Coatjava 4a.7.5 and GEMC 4a.2.0

Zhiwen Zhao zwzhao at jlab.org
Thu Aug 10 15:04:53 EDT 2017

hi, All

Here is the latest CLAS12 using GEMC and Clara, which is interesting to see.


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Subject: 	[Clas12_first_exp] CLAS12 Pre-Release Coatjava 4a.7.5 and GEMC 
Date: 	Thu, 10 Aug 2017 13:47:40 -0400
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Dear all,

Please see the attached file, small updates to the instructions, in 
particular where to download the gcard corresponding the GEMC 4a.2.0 from:


Best regards,


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