[Solid_software] test singularity container with gemc

Zhiwen Zhao zwzhao at jlab.org
Mon Aug 14 18:14:14 EDT 2017

Hi, All

jlab ifarm and farm start to support singularity container and I made a 
singularity container for gemc for you to test.
Let's see if this can be a standard way to run simulation on any machine 
for consistent result without need for installation

If you are new to container and singularity, read 
http://singularity.lbl.gov/ and

==== test it on ifarm ========================
ssh -X ifarm
cd /group/solid/solid_svn/solid_gemc2
singularity shell 
(enter container. current dir, you home dir and your login script are 
shared between the host and container)
source /apps/jlab_root/setup
setenv SoLID_GEMC /group/solid/solid_svn/solid_gemc2
setenv PATH ${SoLID_GEMC}/source/${GEMC_VERSION}:${PATH}
cd script
solid_gemc solid_SIDIS_He3_full.gcard
exit (leave container)
Please don't submit any farm job yet as jlab scicomp is fixing a problem 
running singularity farm job

==== install singularity and test it on your machine ==========
quick way to install singularity on linux

wget --no-check-certificate 
tar singularity-2.3.1.tar.gz
cd singularity-2.3.1
make dist
rpmbuild -ta singularity-2.3.1.tar.gz
sudo yum install 

for windows and mac

download the image
jlab_username at ftp.jlab.org:/group/solid/apps/singularity_jlab_version_1.3_centos7_20170811.img 
then check out solid SVN
do your test

Please let me know any problem you see and any suggestion



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