[clas_members] Problems reaching CLAS opt-in?

Giovanetti, Kevin - giovankl giovankl at jmu.edu
Wed Jul 27 09:27:55 EDT 2011

Since the opt-in process is important and because there have been problems reaching the CLAS website I am resending to all clas members two comments:

1************** certificates and security ***************************************
There have been some  problems with access to the CLAS website from windows machines.   Apparently safari and linux browsers typically work.  I was able to get to the CLAS website from explorer by changing some of the security settings.

The settings can be found on the tools-->internet options-->advanced TAB--> security.
check for certificate ....
check for signature..

enable ssh, ssh2, tls  (all the security encryptions)

When I reach the site it complains of an invalid certificate but I continued and was presented with the login window. I successfully completed the login but the site did not immediately come up so I hit the continue without valid certificate again and the website appeared.

This was a guess at which settings might be a problems so I changed a few and I was able to reach the site.  Each person may need to check or uncheck several settings before reaching the site.  I suspect that the security protocols should all be enabled and that the certificate security causes problems so that these settings should be disabled.

2******  correct link ****************************************************
Here is the link that should work

https://clasweb.jlab.org/membership/phonebook.php  (If you can get to the site from the Hallb website there is a working link to the membership site.)

If you reach this location the JLAB system should request you to login.  Be sure to login with your user name and password.  The username that you use to reach the site is passed to the site so that your data and your options are made available.

The folder is now a secure folder and the JLAB computer center is in charge of the security and access to this area.

If you are unable to reach the website or have other problems with the site send me an email.

Kevin Giovanetti   JMU physics
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