[clas_members] June Collaboration meeting

Hicks, Kenneth hicks at ohio.edu
Tue Jan 3 13:56:14 EST 2012

Dear CLAS Colleagues,

The next CLAS collaboration meeting is scheduled for Feb. 23-25 (Thurs.-Sat.) with a CLAS12 workshop the day before.  Usually, at our February meeting, we would choose the date of the summer meeting.  However, it will be a busy summer and I've been asked to reserve the dates now, before other meetings are scheduled. Since the PAC 39 meeting dates are already set (June 19-22), it would be best if our collaboration meeting could be held before that.  In addition, the Users Group meeting dates are set for June 5-6, and so there are two choices:

1.       June 7-9 (Thurs.-Sat.)

2.       June 14-16 (Thurs.-Sat.)
The first option may be better for those attending the Users Group meeting, whereas the second option is better for those attending the PAC. Also, I checked the conference schedule, and there is no overlap with a list of hadronic physics conferences on those dates.

I decided to put the matter to a vote.  Please go to the Hall-B website and click the second link ("Phonebook, Opt-in") then click the Vote link.
If you have no preference on the dates, then just abstain from the vote.  The voting will be held open until Jan. 10, 2012.

If you have any questions, please send email to hicks at jlab.org<mailto:hicks at jlab.org>.

Best regards,
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