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burkert burkert at jlab.org
Tue Jan 3 16:32:55 EST 2012

Hi Ken,

  The user group is usually 3 days. I believe it is from June 4-6.  The 
IT software review that
includes CLAS12 is tentatively scheduled for June 6-8.

Also, we once had the CLAS meeting scheduled the same week as the User 
meeting. We decided
not to do it again as it was extremely exhausting. I think June 14-16 is 
the better option. It also
allows to have a separate workshop, e.g. CLAS12 workshop, scheduled the 
before the CLAS collaboration meeting.


On 1/3/12 1:56 PM, Hicks, Kenneth wrote:
> Dear CLAS Colleagues,
> The next CLAS collaboration meeting is scheduled for Feb. 23-25 
> (Thurs.-Sat.) with a CLAS12 workshop the day before.  Usually, at our 
> February meeting, we would choose the date of the summer meeting.  
> However, it will be a busy summer and I've been asked to reserve the 
> dates now, before other meetings are scheduled. Since the PAC 39 
> meeting dates are already set (June 19-22), it would be best if our 
> collaboration meeting could be held before that.  In addition, the 
> Users Group meeting dates are set for June 5-6, and so there are two 
> choices:
> 1.       June 7-9 (Thurs.-Sat.)
> 2.       June 14-16 (Thurs.-Sat.)
> The first option may be better for those attending the Users Group 
> meeting, whereas the second option is better for those attending the 
> PAC. Also, I checked the conference schedule, and there is no overlap 
> with a list of hadronic physics conferences on those dates.
> I decided to put the matter to a vote.  Please go to the Hall-B 
> website and click the second link ("Phonebook, Opt-in") then click the 
> Vote link.
> *http://wwwold.jlab.org/Hall-B/*
> If you have no preference on the dates, then just abstain from the 
> vote.  The voting will be held open until Jan. 10, 2012.
> **
> If you have any questions, please send email to hicks at jlab.org 
> <mailto:hicks at jlab.org>.
> Best regards,
> Ken
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