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Dear collaborators, 

There are some good news from the accelerator. 
We may get beam in Hall B as early as December 1st and run may be extended up to December 21st. See Volker's and Arne's messages below. Our shift schedule based on original accelerator schedule covered dates from December 3rd to December 18th. With this new information in mind we added to our schedule two additional days at the beginning and three at the end of December run. See updated version of the schedule here: https://www.jlab.org/Hall-B/shifts/ These extra shifts are labeled as "Volunteer". 
Since these days were not included in the original shift allocation between CLAS institutions we call for volunteers. At this time we consider these as stand by shifts, they may or may not happen but we should be ready to fill them if needed. The volunteers must be on stand by on these dates and be able to arrive to the counting house on a short notice if needed. Please contact me or Stepan if you would like to volunteer and indicate which shifts you can take if needed. 
I would also like to remind that not all of the previously allocated December shifts has names assigned to them. Please sign up. 


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As you can see from Arne's email below, we need to be ready (stand by) on Friday 12/1 (!!!) to support machine start-up and possible beam delivery. Also, there is a STRONG possibility that the machine will run until December 21. That means we have to organize shifts for the period December 18-21. Currently shifts end December 18. 

Is is an exciting time! 

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Accelerator preparations for FY18 beam operations is on pace for beam delivery to the Halls as per the published scheduled. In order to support the start "Physics" on Monday Dec 4th: 

    1. 7:45 am meetings will resume on Tuesday Nov. 28th. Please inform the Run Coordinators to plan attend these meetings. Prior to beam delivery to Halls the focus at these meetings will be on the CEBAF recovery, but we also will want to hear about the Hall's status. 
    2. The Halls are strongly encouraged to plan for "Stand-by" shifts on Friday Dec 1 through Dec. 4. This staffing will be in support of initial beam check-out and perhaps early Physics. 

        1. I expect that the Halls will be locked up over the weekend so that beam to the hall dumps can be achieved. How much staffing is required to support this will be part of the discussion leading up the weekend. 
Andrew Hutton will be the Program Deputy during this period, please help Andrew make this the best startup in the 12 GeV era. 

The goal is beam to the Halls Monday Dec. 4th'ish with ABU > 0 for all four halls on that day. 

In addition there is a strong possibility of beam operations up to the morning of Thursday Dec. 21st (beyond the scheduled turn-off date off Mon. Dec. 18th). Again this will be discussed during Dec. operations, but if the Halls have shift personnel to support beam delivery on these days, it will be an option to be considered. 

It must be said, that I'm quite please to be writing this email compared to the typical Accelerator operations emails over the past year. 

Arne Freyberger
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