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Fri Dec 1 16:55:02 EST 2017

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Given the status of beam setup in the machine, and the time needed to setup beam to the priority halls, there will be no beam delivered to Hall C this weekend.

The plan is to leave Hall C in Restricted Access all weekend.  Shifts are cancelled until Monday, 8 am. Day shift workers on Monday should plan on showing up.

On Monday, a few issues need to be addressed:

1. The SHMS collimator motion needs to be repaired
2. There may need to be some more work on the HMS quads (SHMS is ready to go)
3. The Hall C arc power supply is still hooked up to a dummy load for trouble-shooting. Once repaired, it will need to be reconnected, and the PSS recertified.

In addition, we still plan to condense hydrogen in loop 1.

The hall will be locked up as soon as the above issues are addressed. At that point, setup of tune beam to Hall C may begin, assuming this does not conflict with Hall A setup (which has priority).


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