[Halld-offline] Offline Monitoring: Version Reminder

Justin Stevens jrsteven at jlab.org
Tue Apr 12 11:08:50 EDT 2016

Hi All,

As a reminder we have offline monitoring webpages which display the results of the monitoring plugins for various passes over the data: 


On each page you can select from a list of "versions" which indicate what pass over the data is being displayed.  These are now labeled more clearly as follows:

"ver00 RootSpy": Online monitoring of the data processed on the counting house nodes as data is being collected
"ver01 Incoming data": Offline monitoring of the first 20 files of each run which are processed on the offline farm as soon as the files hit the tape
"ver02+ Launch YYYYMMDD": Offline monitoring "launches" which are processed on the offline farm every ~2 weeks as calibrations/software are improved, and the date specifies when the launch began

If you have questions/comments about the monitoring pages please contact Paul, Sean and I or send a message to the offline mailing list.


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