[Halld-offline] GlueX Software build for JLab CentOS 7.7

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Fri Dec 6 16:50:37 EST 2019


The JLab Computer Center recently deployed some new farm nodes running 
CentOS 7.7. See this announcement 
for some of the details.

Our pre-existing build at JLab on the older CentOS 7.2 distribution is 
not compatible with the new nodes. It should be, but for a variety of 
reasons, it is not. See below for more on this. For this reason, I have 
just done a complete, independent build of our software stack on 7.7. 
There is also a new version of build_scripts that sets a BMS_OSNAME that 
distinguishes between the old CentOS 7 and the new CentOS 7. The new 


This will be set automatically if you use Build Scripts to set-up your 
environment. In that case no user action is necessary to use the new 
nodes. Furthermore, this should have no impact on any builds done 
outside of the JLab farm/ifarm cluster.

The main issue causing the conflict is a non-standard version of MySQL 
on the 7.2 nodes. That version is built into many of our binary 
executables and to make them run under 7.7 would require the same 
non-standard MySQL install on the new nodes, which we do not want. 
Better to have a complete build in the new, more standard environment.

In addition Python is now coming from /usr/bin, not /apps/bin as it was 
under 7.2, and Cmake3 is coming from /usr/bin and not 
/apps/cmake/cmake-3.5.1/bin. This is also manifestly in the direction of 
a more standard environment. If /apps/bin is in your path on CentOS 7.7 
on the ifarm at JLab, you might want to be careful.

   -- Mark

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