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Lists beginning with "1": 3 entries...

12g_staff 12gev_computing 12gevmoller_sim

Lists beginning with "5": 1 entries...


Lists beginning with "A": 41 entries...

A1n_d2n A1n_d2n_analysis A1n_g2n Acc-pss
Acc_allstaff Acc_parity Acc_safety Acc_sem_comm
Accelerator_staff Acecue Adm_allstaff Administration_staff
AHLA Aiec Aipinj Alert_collaboration
All_12g All_accelerator All_administration All_cfo
All_cio All_cso All_directorate All_ehs
All_eng All_fel All_flm All_jlab_accounts
All_jlau All_physics All_pmi All_staff
All_tcp All_users APEX Arc_tenants
Argonanalysis Asw_2008 ATHENNA Auto_enthusiasts

Lists beginning with "a": 3 entries...

ace acg acs

Lists beginning with "B": 24 entries...

B1 B58-ss Backward_angle Baryon
Batch_dev BDXlist Beam_seminar Beamdiag
Bigbite Biw-2012 Biw-2012-pc Bldg12_onsite
Bldg_58 Bldg_87 Bldg_89 Boardgames
Bonus-analysis Bonuslist Bpm_info Bpm_soft
Brightideas BTeam Bubble Bus_serv

Lists beginning with "b": 1 entries...


Lists beginning with "C": 87 entries...

Cadwin7 Cal_users Cans-in Casa
Cc_news Ccac Ccfarm Ccstaff
Ccsys Cebaf_crc Cebaf_erc Central_tracker
Cfo_allstaff Cfo_staff Chep2021-chairs Chep2021-iac
Cio_allstaff Cio_staff Clara Clas-python
Clas12-mvt Clas12_calcom Clas12_deepana Clas12_dileptons
Clas12_first_exp Clas12_high_luminosity Clas12_photon Clas12_rga
Clas12_rgb Clas12_rgh Clas12_rich CLAS12_sidis_working_group
Clas12_software Clas12_tracking Clas12_verystrange Clas12nim
Clas12tdg Clas_12gev Clas_cascades Clas_drift_chambers
Clas_geant4 Clas_gsim Clas_hadron Clas_lmd
CLAS_LTCC Clas_offline Clas_online Clas_root
Clas_slow_control Clas_students_postdocs Clas_tof Clascomment
Clasevent_user Cmsa-ss Cneutrondetector Cni-clas-collab
Coda-l Color_transp Com-task Communications-all_staff
Communications-all_userscontractors Computingroundtable Confine_3 Confinement-workshop
Confinement_physics_workshop Control_sys Controller-off Controls_dept
Coulomb Coulomb_sum Cp_project_owners Cplus2
Cps Credit-card Cryo Cryo2004
Cryoengineers CSC_intern Cso_allstaff Cso_staff
Csr Cst_pnt CSUE Cuga
Cugapost Cugw Cyber_confirmation

Lists beginning with "c": 7 entries...

ccompton_analysis clas12_rgk clas_full_and_term clas_members
clas_reps clas_shift_takers clas_term

Lists beginning with "D": 38 entries...

D-threshold Dac-alarm Daq-drivers Dc_infosys
Dcouncil Deeppwg Design-authorities Devlore
Diam Dir_allstaff Dir_offc DIRC
Directorate_staff DIS2011 Dlsupport Dlt
DPIT Drupal Drupalusers Dsg-broadcast
Dsg-eic_tracker Dsg-halla_cleo Dsg-halla_ecal Dsg-halla_epics
Dsg-halla_expt Dsg-halla_gas Dsg-halla_gem Dsg-halla_moller
Dsg-HallB_Detector_Owners Dsg-hallb_magnets Dsg-hallc_controls Dsg-hallc_epics
Dsg-hallc_magnets Dsg-hallc_nps Dsg-hallc_npscollab Dubrov-participants
Dummylist Dvcs

Lists beginning with "d": 16 entries...

d2n-analysis d2n-analysis-talk dsg-eic_dirc dsg-halla_calorimeter
dsg-halla_solid dsg-hallb_dc dsg-hallb_ft dsg-hallb_gas
dsg-hallb_htcc dsg-hallb_ltcc dsg-hallb_mvt dsg-hallb_rich
dsg-hallb_rtpc dsg-hallb_svt dsg-halld_magnets dsg-hdice

Lists beginning with "E": 187 entries...

E00007 E00102 E00102_analysis E00110
E01-020 E01006_analysis E01020 E01107
E02013 E03104 E04-110 E04012
E04012_analysis E07001 E08007 E09006
E1-6_run E12-11-009-collab E12-15-001 E16-e1f
E1_run E2_run E5_run E89003
E89004 E89008 E89009 E89012
E89015 E89017 E89021 E89024
E89027 E89028 E89031 E89032
E89033 E89036 E89037 E89038
E89039 E89042 E89043 E89044_analysis
E89045 E89046 E89047 E91002
E91003 E91004 E91006 E91007
E91008 E91010 E91011 E91013
E91014 E91015 E91016 E91017
E91020 E91023 E91024 E91026
E93006 E93008 E93009 E93012
E93016 E93017 E93018 E93019
E93021 E93022 E93024 E93026
E93027 E93028 E93030 E93031
E93033 E93036 E93038 E93043
E93044 E93049 E93050 E93050_start
E94-107 E94002 E94003 E94004
E94005 E94008 E94010 E94011
E94013 E94014 E94015 E94016
E94017 E94018 E94019 E94021
E94023 E94101 E94102 E94103
E94104 E94106 E94107 E94108
E94109 E94110 E94117 E94118
E94121 E95001 E95002 E95003
E96001 E96002 E96003 E97001
E97005 E97006 E97007 E97008
E97009 E97010 E97011 E97108
E97111 E98-108 E99007 E99114
Earthwatch Ebnl Ect-dileptons Ect-lowq-workshop
Eecad Eedesign EES Eesdc
Eesic Eespss Eesrf Eesss
Eg1_run Eg2 Eg6_analysis Egn_calcom
Ehs-wsc Ehs_allstaff Ehs_dept Ehs_manual
Ehs_staff Eic-cad-import EIC-CORE EIC-CORE-det
EIC-CORE-phys EIC-eRD110 EIC-exclusive Eic_ct
Eic_software_coll EICpid Eicpp_directorate Eicpp_personnel
Eight_plus Eightgev Em_dcs Em_info
Em_respond Em_sub Emergency_management Eng-div
Eng_cryo Eng_staff Epics02 Epics_users
Epsci ER_CEBAF Esc Esh_manual_editor
Esr-users Evpo Exclusive07

Lists beginning with "e": 4 entries...

ee eic-elastic eic-semi-inclusive eic_ppf

Lists beginning with "F": 30 entries...

Fac_outages Facilitieswarranties Fel Fel_allstaff
Fel_ctrls Fel_gts Fel_jlamp Fel_optics
Fel_staff Fel_team Felstatus Fewbody
Fews FFA_CEBAF_Collab Fire-alarm Fire_alarm
Fire_trouble Flightnotification Flm_allstaff Flm_staff
Fls2012 Fls2012-pc Fnal_svt Fpi-1
Fpi-12 Fpi-2 Fpi2-sw Frost
Fsd Fwing

Lists beginning with "G": 40 entries...

G0-ana G0-ana-devel G0-cherenkov G0-daq
G0-det G0-private G0-public G0-sc
G0-sim G10penta G11penta G12
G14_run G1_run G1d G2_run
G3_run G40rg06 G4list06 G6clas
G8b_run Gdh2004conf Gdh_lowq2 Gdh_photon
Gdnp Gemc_software Gen01-analysis Gen01-meeting
Gep3 Gep5 Git-discussion GlueX-Collaboration
GlueX-PI Gluex_grad_postdoc Gluex_reps Gluex_shift_standby
Gluex_shift_takers Gpd_wg Gptuser Grid-jobs

Lists beginning with "g": 3 entries...

g13 g2p g2p_ana

Lists beginning with "H": 79 entries...

Hadstruct Halb_bpm Hall_A_Calorimeter Hall_ldr
Halla-quasi-elastic Halla-solid-hgc Halla12_software Halla_12gev
Halla_alarm_notifications Halla_coll Halla_cryotarg Halla_daq
Halla_espace Halla_hrs_optics Halla_min Halla_parity
Halla_pi0 Halla_root Halla_running Halla_software
Hallb Hallb-engineering Hallb-solenoid Hallb-vdi
Hallb_inst_dc Hallb_ops Hallb_physicist Hallbgas
Hallc HallC_Alarm_Notifications Hallc_compton Hallc_running
Hallc_sidis_analysis Hallcmon Hallcsw Halld
Halld-cal Halld-controls Halld-cpp Halld-cps
Halld-electronics Halld-integration Halld-jlab Halld-level1
Halld-mc Halld-me Halld-npp Halld-offline
Halld-offsite Halld-online Halld-physics Halld-pid
Halld-pid-upgrade Halld-regge Halld-sad Halld-tagger
Halld-target Halld-tracking-hw Halld-trigger Halld-unique
Halld_srcct_analysis Hbi-svt Hdicecontrols Hispanic
Hks Hks_2 Hp-admin Hpc-ssp
Hps Hps-analysis Hps-controls Hps-ecal
Hrckls_own Hu_fac Hugs2004 Hugs2018
Hugs2019 Hybrid_baryons Hyp2003conf

Lists beginning with "h": 3 entries...

halla_compton halla_src halld_src

Lists beginning with "I": 15 entries...

Iac_hadron_2015 ICS-Security Imapmail-users Inclusion
Indico INDRA-ASTRA Int_spectroscopy_program Internalcommsmodeling
Ipc Isotope-prod It_cni_allstaff It_emi_allstaff
It_mis_allstaff It_sci_allstaff Iupap

Lists beginning with "J": 49 entries...

Jag_members Jag_yoga JAM Java
Jef Jlab-9hgl Jlab-eic-news JLab-EICUG
Jlab-list-owners Jlab-pwa Jlab-scicomp-briefs Jlab-seminars
Jlab-sidis Jlab-wan-outage Jlab22 Jlab_aud_users_out
Jlab_cc Jlab_cc_approvers Jlab_cc_holders Jlab_chn
Jlab_colloquium Jlab_contractors Jlab_epics Jlab_guest_wep
Jlab_poltarg Jlab_postdocs Jlab_public_news Jlab_software
Jlab_sponsors Jlab_sponsors_out Jlab_staff Jlab_survey
Jlab_ugbod JLabEdEvents Jlabindoorsoccer Jlabsa_gs
Jlabsoccer Jlabultimate Jlabur_clqxpl JLEIC
Jleic_ir_bkg Job_address_list JPAC Jpac-full
JPAC_Lectures Jpsi-007 Jsa_pyp Jstf

Lists beginning with "K": 6 entries...

K_long_facility_collaboration Kaon-LT Key-audit Kidskorner
Kidsmail Kl_pi_nothing

Lists beginning with "L": 25 entries...

Labview Lanr_in Lanr_out LCLS-II
Lcls-ii_he_project Ldtmdp Ledex Lerftest
Lerftest-ctrls Lessonslearned Linux-admin Linux-users
Linux_reg Linuxioc Loc_hadron_2015 Loclphys
Lowq Lp_gs Lpc Lpc-list
LQCD-GPU Lyn_bridge_fac Lyn_joint_fac Lyn_sura_chairs

Lists beginning with "l": 1 entries...


Lists beginning with "M": 37 entries...

Mac-admin Mac_news Mailman Majord_list_owners
Marathon Mccpc Mecad Mech
Medical_services Medist Menuproc Mgr-supv
Mgtdevel Mis-staff Mis-staff-page Mis_probs
Missing_gen034u Mm-test Modem Modem_in
Modem_out Moller Moller_analysis Moller_intdet
Moller_L2 Moller_pion_bg Moller_pol Moller_simulation
Moller_spectrometer Monday_1330 Mott Mso
Msync_sys Mtrcycle Multihadron Multinuc

Lists beginning with "m": 9 entries...

mcc_ops mcc_user mEIC mEIC_acc
mEIC_det mEIC_det_software mEIC_eA mEIC_EW

Lists beginning with "N": 15 entries...

Nano Ncd_users Net-admin Netprobs
Ngdh Np_sci_comm Nps Nps_daq
NPWG-CP Nstar Nstarproc Nsu_fac
Nt Nu Nuclear

Lists beginning with "n": 1 entries...


Lists beginning with "O": 15 entries...

Odh_plgrp Odu_fac Old_help_desk On-target-briefs
On_site_list On_site_users Operators Ops_man
Opspc Opteam Oracle-admin Org_alert
OSG-Admin OSG-Users Outage-alert

Lists beginning with "P": 42 entries...

Pac6 Pansophy Pc104 Pcac
Pcapac-organizers Pcapac-participants Pcapaccommittee Pctask
Pcxware_news Pd_list PEPPo Phnbk_noresp
Phy_allstaff Physics_staff Pim_users Pion-lowE
Pion-LT Plepc_members Pm_team Pmi_allstaff
Pmi_staff Pol-exclusive Polhe3 Polpho
Poltarg12 Pq PRad Pressure-system-committee
Prex Primex Primex2 Primex_analysis
Primex_software Primexd Prism Prog-man
Project-e Protopar Psqateic Pvdis
Pwg Python-2015

Lists beginning with "Q": 15 entries...

Q-weak Qac Quantom-jlab Qweak_3pass
Qweak_acc Qweak_ana_devel Qweak_analysis Qweak_aps10
Qweak_autoanalysis Qweak_bnssa_elastic_ep_authors Qweak_instrumentation Qweak_nim_apparatus
Qweak_simulation Qweak_tracking Qweak_transverse_prl_comments

Lists beginning with "q": 1 entries...


Lists beginning with "R": 34 entries...

Rad_phi Rad_phi_auth Radcor Rc
Rec_bball Rec_bike Rec_bldz Rec_bowl
Rec_fish Rec_gene Rec_golf Rec_grdn
Rec_jag Rec_race Rec_rcqt Rec_run
Rec_sail Rec_sccr Rec_sftb Rec_tnns
Rec_vlly Reco_list Regtermcasual Rf_group
Rf_setup Rf_ul Rfsoft Rga_calib
Rgc Rgc_analysis Rgd-ana Rich
Root_list Rosen07

Lists beginning with "S": 62 entries...

Sabat Saf800_itp Saf801_itp Saf802_itp
Saf803_itp Saf803e_itp Saf803f_itp Safety
Sane Sane-analysis Sbs Sbs_daq
Sbs_gems Sbs_gems_auto SBS_sim Sbs_software
Sccep Schd6msd Scicomp-users Scrap_book
Security Severe_weather Severe_weather_info Shermanjunk
Shermanpaultest Shms_users Simc Slip
Sns_ppu_group Software_hodo SoLID Solid_baffle
Solid_cc Solid_daq Solid_ddvcs Solid_dvcs
Solid_ec Solid_gem Solid_hgc Solid_sidis
Solid_software Solid_tof Solid_tracking Spin-duality
Spring-03 Srf_staff SRO Sstin
State_employees State_jlab_sups Stock_room Strnuc
Student_seminar Sun-admin Super-g Supervisors
Sura_users Svt-eic-participants Svt-eic-speakers SW_Assurance
Sweb Swreq

Lists beginning with "s": 1 entries...


Lists beginning with "T": 31 entries...

Tacl Tagger Tcl_tk Tcp_allstaff
Tcp_staff Tdis Ted_55 Tensor
Test-mailman Testlist Tfsrf2005wrkshp TFSRF2018
TFSRF2020 TFSRF2022 Tgun Theorist
Theory-seminars Thinfilms2016 Tirf_driver_wg Tk_nt
Tpe Trackingml Trans_ana Transversity
Travel Trends Trends-program Tritium
Tritium-isospin Tritium_analysis Twist_analysis

Lists beginning with "t": 2 entries...

tawg-felstatus tcs_hallc

Lists beginning with "U": 11 entries...

Ugbod Ugbodp Uimicg UITF
Uncnf_ctzn Undergrad05 Unilab Unixenv
Ur_colloq USJHPE Uva_fac

Lists beginning with "V": 11 entries...

Va_phys_chairs Varc_admin Vb_users Vector_mesons
Vendors Vetroc_daq_sbs Vine_update Vote_mh
Vote_rp Vote_sn Vpc_fac

Lists beginning with "W": 11 entries...

Weather-message Weather_team Web-admin Web4m_users
Web_news Web_reports Webtask Wfw_news
Win95 Wm_fac Wsc

Lists beginning with "X": 1 entries...


Lists beginning with "x": 1 entries...


Lists beginning with "Z": 1 entries...